First Capital Announces First Fund Term Sheet Signed

Viridis Fund I and Coda Signature Enter into $2.5 Million Term Sheet

First Capital Ventures (“First Capital”) and its Viridis Fund I (the “Fund”) announced today that it has entered into its first investment term sheet, this for a $2.5 million convertible note with Coda Signature/Altum Investments. One of numerous potential transactions for the Fund, this term sheet represents both the official launch of the Fund and the national rollout commencement for elite chocolatier Coda Signature (

Coda Signature will cultivate high-grade marijuana, produce CO2 extracts and manufacture a high-end line of gourmet edibles. The product line will be sold wholesale to retail stores in Colorado and additional geographies. Of 71 dispensaries approached to date, 100% have committed to carrying the line. The proposed asset-backed investment will be primarily dedicated to the purchase of real estate and equipment through non-plant touching affiliate Altum Investments.

“Coda is both the Fund’s ideal first project and a symbol of investment opportunities to come,” stated First Capital Executive Managing Director Gary Graham. “This is a company whose commitment to product excellence is truly an industry game-changer, and the business systems and controls are something you’d hope to see in a small cap public company – not a cannabis startup. And most impressive are the players. Co-Founder and CEO Mark Grindeland was CMO of $1.3 billion Teletech, and he co-founded m-Qube - helping sell the company for $250 million. In 2013 he was named the “Colorado Marketer of the Year”.

As impressive as Mark is, I also appreciate the anecdote of our expert chocolatier: France-trained, New York-awarded and voluntarily transplanted to rural Colorado thanks to a deep and abiding faith in Coda’s financial potential. Master Chocolatier Lauren Gockley was classically trained at L’ecole du Grand Chocolat, Valrhona and was named a Dessert Professional ‘Top 10 Chocolatiers in North America’.

We believe that this is but an initial example of what Viridis Fund I will offer investors, navigating on their behalf a sea of noise and challenged individual deals, offering professional curation and diversification.”

 About First Capital Ventures, LLC (

Founded in 2005, First Capital helps entrepreneurs realize their disruptive solution’s true potential, while taking an active approach to shareholder value creation. Our team of senior-level leaders has over 200 years of combined business expertise, and not all as corporate stuffed shirts – each of us has deep experience on the other side of the table, starting, growing and exiting our own small businesses. It is this unique dual perspective that makes First Capital the ideal platform for both business creation and investment appreciation. As your guides to growth we navigate new and emerging markets on your behalf, and chart (and help execute) a route to shared success.