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An entrepreneur with big dreams is where it starts, but we desire more than just dreamers.  Executing their vision with a sense of urgency in the trenches every day is a different story. We look for leaders with big aspirations combined with resolve and a mission-driven execution to deliver results. 

We’re proud to partner with high impact companies where our capital and strategic guidance can help achieve their dreams!

Experts in ECG Technology

B-Secur’s HeartKey is a FDA cleared suite of powerful ECG/EKG software algorithms and analytics for user health and wellness including identification and ready for integration into global leading consumer and medical devices. 

Transforming Gene Editing

Transform the fields of gene editing, undiagnosed disease and oncology through discovery and detection of complex genetic changes.

Alcohol Detection Technology

Preventative alcohol detection for businesses and consumers can create a far safer world by reducing accidents thus saving lives, improving safety and reducing liabilities.

Full-Spectrum of Esports Gaming and Online Gambling

Connecting the world with the future of sports entertainment in unique and enriching ways that bring fans and gamers together.

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