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We are a boutique venture capital firm with a highly selective investment process funding a limited number of investments per year.

We identify high integrity, visionary entrepreneurs and leadership teams that are passionate about their business. We actively engage as a trusted partner to support their vision and provide both financial as well as strategic guidance in collaborating to achieve their mission. We expect entrepreneurs to vet FCV as well to make sure we’re the right partner to share in and improve their odds of success in their journey.

We invest opportunistically across industries with an emphasis on later stage emerging growth companies with proven technologies that disrupt an industry or marketplace and need capital to accelerate growth.

We assume risk with our investments and do our best to anticipate, identify and manage it alongside our leadership teams.  The entrepreneurial journey is challenging and rarely without set-backs along the way, so resiliency is a must.

We seek opportunities with a targeted 24-36 month investment horizon. Compared to traditional venture capital investing with 5-10 year investment horizon’s and lock-ups, it’s relatively short or aggressive timeline for a liquidity event. Our investors understand this, yet appreciate the endeavour.    

Our goal is to invest in innovative technologies that are growing rapidly with substantial upside as part of a large addressable market. We assess both the entry and exit strategies as part of our initial due diligence process including the likelihood and timeline for a liquidity event for the company whether it is suited for the IPO path or an acquisition from a strategic or financial buyer.

At First Capital Ventures, we create opportunities for savvy, seasoned business veterans to invest alongside us. We seek to marry intellectual capital with investment capital

We actively engage with our advisors and accredited investor ecosystem to source and due diligence investment ideas; then seek capital second to fund the investment.

We value our network’s distinctive expertise and experienced insights alongside their investment capital.

We create dedicated special purpose vehicles for each investment opportunity so our investors have full transparency on the underlying investment, deal by deal, versus a traditional blind pool closed-end fund.

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