The Professional Platform for Cannabis Entry

Diligence Performed  

First Capital Ventures conducted over 6 months of research and due diligence on the industry to provide investors an expert perspective.

Expert Guidance

First Capital bolstered by elite advisory team comprised of professionals in cannabis law, compliance, construction, commercial real estate, regulations & licensing.

Unrivaled Leadership

50+ years of combined financial management experience; has led 125+ financings valued at $3 B+; deployed over $100 MM in fund assets.

Trusted Foundation

Parent affiliate First Capital Holdings has been in business since 2005 and features a combined 200+ years of experience.


 Real estate/equipment/ancillary business investment keeps investors arms-length from grow; diversification defrays single-project risk.

Project Support

Exclusive relationship with First Capital Growth Partners, a leading management services provider and cannabusiness builder.

Ideally Located

Powerful network of on-the-ground resources in Colorado, commercial and regulatory heart of the cannabis industry; ideal launching pad for national opportunities.